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Sebelius Show Us The Numbers

KSAL Staff - January 14, 2014 8:57 am

Congressman Tim Huelskamp represents the First District of Kansas. He serves on the House Committee on Small Business and the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. He is also a member of the Republican Study Committee.

It comes as no surprise that once again, ObamaCare continues to receive a less-than-enthusiastic response from the American people, particularly the millennial 20-something generation who are credited with electing President Obama into office. The President’s signature law has fallen far short of the 7 million targeted enrollment number his Administration projected just four short months ago.

Most fear-inspiring to the Administration is the much-vaulted millennials—who will be paying for the debt incurred by ObamaCare long after the baby boomer generation retires—have not bought into ObamaCare’s fairy tale promises. Of the total enrollment numbers, 18 -24 year olds only account for 24 percent of those who have signed up so far. It should come as no surprise that America’s young people have recognized the ObamaCare Ponzi Scheme for what it is—a failure. At least Ponzi Schemes are voluntary. What they are finding is ‘free healthcare’ isn’t so free.

But what might be the biggest news—and the Administration has conveniently failed to disclose—is that we have yet to receive any numbers of the individuals who have written a check or pulled out their credit card to pay their insurance premium. Imagine if a clothing retail store decided to count their total sales by the number of clothes people tried on? Or if a grocery store tallied total sales of a marketed item by the number of free samples their customers tried.

My challenge to Secretary Sebelius is to show us the numbers. Tell us how many people actually paid their premium—a necessary condition for enrollment.

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