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River Talk

Jeff Garretson - October 21, 2013 2:03 pm

Members of the Smoky Hill Renewal Group are inviting the public to a Q & A session on Monday evening, to learn about what a river project could mean to Salina.

Salina Downtown Executive Director, Melissa Hodges tells KSAL News that it may be hard for some to envision what the river could be, “I think we need to talk about getting water flowing through the channel,” she said.

“Making sure we have a healthy river channel and that it is capable of helping us in the event that we need it for any kind of flood control. That’s the discussion we’re trying to engage in.”

That discussion is set to take place Monday, October 21st inside the Visit Salina Annex, behind the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce Building located at 120 W. Ash. The meeting begins at 7pm and is open to the public.

Friends of The River President, Troy Vancil tells KSAL News that water flow is step one of a greater vision, and that representatives from ConsultEcon will be on hand tonight to answer questions about the potential project.

“All the nice bells and whistles we’ve talked about – you can’t have any of those unless you have water flowing through,” Vancil said.

Fuchs Mi

October 21, 2013 at 4:18 pm

Is Troy Vancil and Melissa Hodges that uneducated that they do not understand when the taxpayers vote something down? My suggestion to them besides moving out of Salina would be to open their checkbooks and the checkbooks of their followers and have at it. There will be no taxpayer monies going towards this ridiculous project. Maybe Vancil should spend more time concerning his business than alienating the people of Salina.

Bob Bowser

October 21, 2013 at 10:42 pm

65% of voters turned this down last time around.
Is this group willing to DIVIDE the community by going for a 51% majority to ram this down the throats of the rest of the Citizens or can we require a 2/3 majority vote and unify our community?
Examples were given of both the BiCenter and Kenwood Cove… they claimed they couldn’t find anyone who voted against EITHER.
While I wasn’t in Salina for the BiCenter vote, I DID have the privilege of voting against Kenwood Cove and stand by that decision.
There are times to spend TaxPayer money and there are times to save and maintain what you have.
How about it Salina?
We will probably have to build a new jail.
The Expo Center is still looming in the shadows.
And if we don’t fix the potholes, we’ll ALL need new autos as we trash the ones we are driving.
Can we afford this?
The argument was made that Salina has the resources of much larger cities. So what is holding Salina back? Don’t tell me it’s the old river channel that has kept Salina from becoming Wichita. We have 3 State Lakes within 30 minutes of Salina, we have 3 rivers that converge here, and we have 2 Interstate highways that intersect right here… so what is it that has held Salina back?
Answer that and correct it before you ask me to dole out MORE TaxMoney for a river project.

Dustin Shannon

October 22, 2013 at 10:55 pm

Troy Vancil and Melissa Hodges are educated. Salina right now is very unappealing to visitors and not so healthy because of the River. I know some new businesses would like to locate in Downtown Salina and they decided not too because downfall of the downtown. This Project would help the downtown alot and bring in businesses meaning employment. Kansas is the never evolving state, we need to move forward with this project and make Salina more attractive 🙂 The City would have to hire more employees to work and maintain the River….. You all need to think of the good of this project. Only a fool will not want to move forward! Right now Salina population is downsizing…… wonder why? Could be the less jobs…. anyways we need to make Salina have something to bring people in town!

Shawn Pierce

October 23, 2013 at 7:53 pm

It is the song that never ends, Ok you want a channel, drop some of those large diameter drainage tubes down the old river bed and bury them. Then you can have the land above them to develop as a walking path and recreation area. Then we can do away with the stagnant trash filled ditch down the middle of town and we can focus on the fact that we have a river on the east edge of town that doesn’t flood the city when it rains. I lived in and rebuilt one of those houses on East Iron that had been submerged by the flood of 51. Anyone who had seen what I went through tearing out and replacing the floor joist on the ground floor would know we are better off without a river running through it. You want a recreation area then run a tube down the old river bed for drainage and then we can cover it and do away with the bridges we are having to maintain over the ditch. It isn’t the lack of a clean ditch running through the middle of town which is keeping people away , and by the way are they really staying away with new restaurants and hotels being added all the time. Nope this is what the town of Salina wants more projects to spend tax payer money on, more insistence that this is what people want , and a deaf ear to the suggestion that even with a decided lack of culture and a fraction of the population that Macpherson , Kansas is shaming Salina by the amount of industry they have. Wake up Salinans, they want you to work at minimum wage service jobs and pay taxes to support their river project which you already voted against. Just like health care under Hillery, it never dies, they keep bringing it up till they get it passed. Wanna know how I really feel ? Here’s a quote from Patti Smith, Pissin in the river, watchin it rise !

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