Salina Surgical Hospital
Student Of the Week

Greg Anderes

Mr. Anderes teaches Agriculture/Metals and has taught a total of 37 years; all at Central. He chose teaching because he has a love for kids and agriculture. He likes the people he works with. They are dedicated and put in tremendous effort to help kids learn. Mr. Anderes likes the students because they help to keep him young and are genuinely interested in the subject area. He’d like to say to parents, caregivers and the community, “…see through my eyes for a few minutes and view the hard work students, teachers, administration and staff put into the learning process. Observing that commitment inspires me to give my best everyday.”


Mrs. Krista DeVoe

Mrs. DeVoe teaches English / Language Arts and has taught at South High for 14 years. Her inspiration came from great teachers who encouraged her to pursue teaching. What Mrs. DeVoe enjoys most about her career is when students ask questions. They are truly curious about the world and people around them. The best parts of her days are when things click for students and learning becomes exciting. She wishes to tell parents, caregivers and the community, “Thank you Salina Community for all of your support of our schools!”


Mrs. Amy Usher

Mrs. Usher is a counselor. She’s been a counselor for a total of 15 years; 5 at South Middle School. She loves making a difference in people’s lives. Mrs. Usher believes in teaching kids that one person can change the world. She states, “…certainly our little corner of it, so find a place to jump in and help!” What she enjoys about being a counselor most is working with the children. She wishes to tell parents, caregivers and the community, “Parent involvement is also critical to a child’s education. When parents and teachers work together with children, kids seem to excel the most.”


Mr. Jake Montoya

Mr. Montoya teaches Band and Jazz Band. He’s taught for 10 years and this is his first year at Lakewood. He chose this career because music and helping people have been his passion. Inspiration came from his family and band directors throughout his life. What Mr. Montoya enjoys most about teaching is student accomplishments and the happiness it brings to them. What he would like to tell parents, caregivers, and the community is, “Thank you for your time and support to instrumental music and all fine arts.”