Careers at SRHC
Student Of the Week

Ms. Rachael Hoeme

Ms. Hoeme is the Middle School Guidance Counselor. She’s taught a total of 7 years; this is her first year as a counselor at Lakewood. She chose teaching because she wanted to help people and her inspiration came from working with kids who needed someone they could count on. She enjoys not knowing what to expect and cherishes learning something new daily, mostly from her students. The students and staff are always willing to try something new. She states, “I just want to take this chance to tell parents thank you sharing your kids with me, and giving me hope for what our future holds.”


Travis Bigler

Travis is in the 10th grade and is the son of Todd and Anissa Bigler. He participates in Football, Basketball, Student Publications (Pylon), FFA, StuCo and FCM. Travis is involved with the First Covenant Church Youth Group, he also works for Anderes Farms and mows lawns. Football is what he likes most about school. He plans to attend K-State but he’s undecided on a major at this time. Travis’s hobbies include hunting and fishing. He states his brother, Trent, has been a great role model in both academics and athletics.


James (JD) Warren

JD is in the 10th Grade and is the son of Dee and Kim Warren. He’s active in school with Football, Tennis, New Dawn and Theatre. In the community he participates with Boys Scouts Troop #22, Christ the King Lutheran Church by teaching Midweek Class and is a member of the Sr. Youth Group. JD likes theatre most about school because he gets to entertain people and Miss Lindsay makes everything fun. After High School he wants to attend Kansas State University. He has a sister named Kaylee.


Jason Nguyen

Jason is in the 7th grade and is the son of Phong Nguyen and Xuan Do. In school he’s active with Guitar and Art. In the community he helps the elderly and anyone in need. Guitar class is his favorite and he likes the ability to be on his own at school. After graduation he plans to get a job and attending Fort Hays State University. Jason’s hobbies include drawing buildings. He states that his family is what keeps him going on with things in his life. He also says, “When a wall stops you break it down!”


Jill Coykendall

Jill is in the 8th grade with a 4.0 GPA; the daughter of Susan Gaskill and John Coykendall. She participates in Band and Stang Gang at school. In the community she’s active with her church. Jill likes her Team 4 teachers (Mrs. Nay, Mr. Boggs, Ms. Stensas, and Mrs. Gaskill) most about school because they make her work hard, but the work is fun. English is her favorite subject because she enjoys learning to correct grammar. She plans to attend KU or Bethany College to become a Neonatologist. She also wants to attend medical school. Her favorite color is purple, she has eight siblings, and she has a puppy named Lucy.