Salina Technical College
Student Of the Week

Rheanna Fultz

She teaches Biology and this is Ms. Fultz’s second year of teaching; all at Central. She chose teaching because she cares about learning and wanted to share her passion for science with her students. Her father was her HS Science Teacher and he was her inspiration. The best part of school is the positive interaction with the students and the staff. Ms. Fultz’s favorite part of teaching is when students have so much fun learning they don’t realize the amount of knowledge they are gaining. She wishes to tell Salina, “Thank you for making a small-town Montana girl feel at home in Kansas.”


Korinne Gawith

Korinne is in the 12th grade and she is the daughter of Marci and Ken Gawith. She’s active at school with the Jag Program. She’s currently a Registered CMA. She plans to continue her education in Nursing after graduating from High School. What Korinne enjoys most about school is all of the help the teachers provide.


Matthew Chumsena

Matthew is in the 11th grade; son of Samran and Surina Chumsena. He likes school because it allows students to know more about favorite subjects and makes them experts in them. Matthew’s favorite teacher is Mr. Poland and his favorite subject is AP US History. He plans to enlist I the US Air Force and hopes to work in intelligence. He wants to then get a degree in Computer Engineering and Accounting. He states to us, “Live life to your fullest and have a careful balance with work, school and family.”


Devon Junghans

Devon is in the 6th grade and is the son of Monica and the Late Kyle Junghans. He’s active with Eagles Salvation Army Football and Salina Warriors Baseball, Basketball Team. His favorite subject is Science with Mrs. Clark; she makes learning fun! Devon plans to attend college after graduating. His hobbies include video games, watching YouTube on basketball, and playing basketball in the backyard and at the YMCA. He has a dog named Duncan.


Allie Wentzel

Allie is in the 8th grade with a 4.0 GPA; the daughter of Mark and Marcie Wentzel. At school she plays volleyball and tennis. She participates on the competition team at Prestige School of Dance. She’s also involved with her youth group at First Covenant Church. She really likes all of her teacher; they are super nice and very helpful. She plans to attend college to become a teacher. Allie has a brother, Dylan who is in High School and grandparents who live in Salina. She has a dog named Paisley.