Leadercast 2015
Student Of the Week

Anissa Bigler

Ms. Bigler teaches English. She’s taught a total of 16 years; 9 at Salina Central. She was inspired by her love of reading, words, and kids. What Ms. Bigler enjoys most about school are her colleagues and each of her students. They keep her excited to go into work each day. She likes watching that “light bulb” moment when a student “gets it.” Ms. Bigler wishes to tell parents, caregivers and the community, “Stay involved, even as your children get older. They may not act like they want you there, but they do.”


Chally Miller

Chally is in the 10th grade with a 3.7 GPA; daughter of Tina Miller and Teresa Smith. She’s active in school with Forensics, Theater, Tutoring, and the Book Club. She also participates with Relay For Life. Chally enjoys Forensics because it helps her develop her speaking skills. She likes performing and working hard to win at tournaments. She plans to attend college and study Psychology after graduating. Reading is one of her favorite hobbies.


Kendal Sommer

Kendal is in the 11th grade; daughter of Brian and Chrissi Farless. She’s been active at school with Lab Chicks for the past two years. She’s volunteered through Community Organizations and she babysits A LOT! Kendal’s favorite part of school is being involved with Lab Chicks and having successful experiments with all of the little kids. She tells us she’s looking forward to becoming a daycare provider or a preschool teacher as a future career.