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Welcome to KSALLink.com's Trophy web page. Send us your fishing and hunting pictures. Photos should be in the jpeg format. We'll post them on this page so the whole world can see it.  Use the address below to send us your photos and descriptions.

Jordan Lindquist with Tom Turkey entered in the Ace big beard contest.


Roger Everhart with Tom Turkey entered in the Ace big beard contest.  Beard was 10 1/8 inches


Megan Northcutt, 14,  with her "Blackpower Buck" taken on Sept. 29,2012 in Saline County Kansas.

Nathaniel Jamison 10, Bennington, Kansas with a 10 point Whitetail Buck taken during Kansas youth Deer season with a .243 

Paul Powell of Salina with a 40 lb Flathead Catfish caught in the Saline river on a live perch on July 1,2012

Alex Queen of Salina with his first ever Deer taken with a bow during 2011 archery season.

Paul Powell with a big Catfish caught in July 2011 on a Goldfish at the Minneapolis dam

Terry Failes with an 80 pound Blue Catfish caught at Milford reservoir Aprill 2011.  This monster was 49.5 inches long and had a girth of 37 inches. After weighing the fish and getting pictures, the fish was returned to the lake.

Tony Buonsombat of Salina with 2 big slab Crappies caught at Ottawa Co State Fishing Lake, spring of 2011

Sandra Kinkelaar, rural Saline County with a nice 12 point Whitetail Buck taken the opening day of firearms Deer season.  Deer was harvested in Mcpherson County.

Deanna Stark with a 12.5 pound Catfish caught Oct 5, 2010 at Marion reservoir. 

Dalton Bledsoe with a 15 pound Gar that measured 49 inches.  Dalton took this Gar bowfishing the Smoky Hill River

Dan Kohman, Abilene, with a 6.68 lb Smallmouth Bass from Milford.  Fish measure 23.5 inches.  Dan caught and released this trophy June 12, 2010.

Larry Glovier, Junction City with a Turkey harvested on public land in Clay County.  This big Tom had a 9.5 inch beard


Joe Kitchens of Junction City with a 24 lb Tom Turkey taken with a bow in Geary County.  The Tom had an 11 inch beard and 1 1/4 inch spurs.

Willi Schmidt of Salina with a nice longbeard taken with a bow in Saline County.

Samantha Schmidt, 12 of Salina with her first Turkey. Her dad, Willi called in the Turkey. She shot it on April 11, 2010 in Saline County.

Nathan Thompson, 11 of Salina harvested his first turkey the opening weekend of youth season. The tom had a 10.5 inch beard and 1 1/4 inch spurs.

Cecil Miller, Cawker City, with a 16.5 inch Crappie caught ice fishing at Glen Elder on March 3,2010.

Lance Homan of Abilene, well known predator caller, with Coyotes and Bobcat called in with the MAD ultimate one predator call.


Ward Schraeder of Salina and his son Caleb with a Buck taken in the 2009 rifle season in Western Kansas.  The Buck had 19 points and an unofficial a-typical score of 210

Shannon Peters with a nice Whitetail Buck taken with a Hoyt Bow during Kansas archery season 09

Dalton Bledsoe with a 10 point Whitetail Buck taken Oct 23,2009 with a bow.  Deer estimated to score around 140


Ryan Stoppel with a Whitetail Buck taken in the early 2009 Kansas Muzzleloader season.  The Buck is estimated to score well over 200

Jared Miller with a huge Nebraska Mule Deer taken with a bow.  This could be the 3rd largest Mulie taken with a bow in the Nebraska.

Al Gebhart of Salina with a nice 8 pt Whitetail Buck taken on the opening morning of the 2009 Muzzleloader Season


Jared Miller with a Turkey taken in Marion County in April 2009.

Matthew Dimaplas and Blake Lungrin with a 55 pound Flathead Catfish caught on a setline with Goldfish for Bait.


Harry Woody of Salina with an Albino Channel Catfish caught in the Republican river on 7/11/2009.  Fish weighed 4.8 lbs.

2009 big fish Winners at Ace Hardware, Salina

Largemouth, Brian Sheridan 
8.01 lbs, 23 inches

Walleye, Bernie Perez  
6.79 lbs, 27 inches

Crappie, Art Koellint
2.39 lbs, 16.5 inches


Jessica Woodruff, 15, with 3 lb Channel Cat caught in the Smoky Hill river below the Iron Street bridge

Eric Ross with a Turkey taken 5/24/09 in North Central Kansas.  The bird weighed 26 lbs, 10 1/2 inch beard with 1 1/4 inch spurs.


Caleb Flaherty (middle) with his first Turkey 22 lbs 10 1/2 inch beard.  Caleb is pictured with his Cousin and Grandpa.

Jason Hyman with a 48 lb 11 oz Flathead Catfish caught in the Smoky Hill river east of Salina.  Fish was caught on a hand size Bluegill on April 30, 2009

Calvin Justus of Geneseo with a 27.5 inch 8 lb plus Saugeye caught at Kanopolis  

Marty White, Cawker City, KS with a Rainbow Trout caught 2/10/09 in the Glen Elder State Park pond.  Fish was 27.5 inches and weighed 7.75 lbs. 

Lance Homman and Matt Kohman, Abilene with 12 Raccoons called in one day near Abilene

Dalton Sullivan of Salina with a Whitetail Buck taken in South Dakota in the Fall of 08.  Scored 159 1/2

Andrew Crawford Susquehanna PA with Walleye caught in January Ice fishing with tip ups on lake in Susquehanna county

FiestaCatie Gwennap with her first Deer taken on December 14,2008 during Kansas firearms season

Al Gephart of Salina with a big 12 pt Whitetail Buck taken during 2008 firearms Deer season

Dalton Bledson of Salina with a nice buck taken on November 16, 2008 with a bow.  This was the second buck that Dalton has taken since he started hunting.

Sharyl Hoehn, Salina with an 8 pt Whitetail Buck taken September 27, 2008 with a Muzzleloader. This was her first buck.

Cutthroat Trout caught in Yellowstone by Tony Mills of Abilene Kansas. The fish was 22 inches.

Joe Seed of Salina with an Antelope Buck taken with a muzzleloader in Western Kansas on September 30, 2008


Sean Anderson with his first Deer taken with a bow in McPherson County on October 9, 2007

Collin Issitt of Abilene KS, stationed in the Army in Alaska with a Trout caught in Alaska.

Jared MIller with Whitetail Buck taken with a bow in October 2007.  Deer scored 160

Jason Heis of Salina with a 4 lb Smallmouth Bass Caught at Wilson reservoir in June 08

Chad Gustus with 24.5 inch Wiper caugth at Milford in June under the lights 

Ace Hardware best Walleye:  Loyd Ireland, caught with jig & worm, Wilson, weight 6.9 lbs, length 27.5”
Ace Hardware best Largemouth:  Kevin O’Brien, caught with spinner bait, Bennington, weight 7.78 lbs, length 22”

Ace Hardware best Crappie: Jason Duffy, caught with Road Runner at Lakewood, weight 3.08 lbs, length 15.5”

Chad Gustus with 23.5 inch Walleye caught at Kanopolis after dark in late April

Governor's Cup Winners with the best 2 Walleyes at Milford Fred Ade and George Randall of Wichita with Guide Chad Richardson of Junction City

This brute was harvested on Solomon River Adventures by Shannon Peters on 11/3/07. Chris Flenthrope and I tracked him for 2 hours, finally finding him expired by the river.
  Posted - 11/07/07

Bruce Snelling, Newton Kansas with a Black Bear taken with a bow in Canada.
  Posted - 9/12/07

Carol Murrell of Topeka with a 15 lb Channel Catfish caught at Marion Reservoir.
  Posted - 8/15/07

Jim Bybee with 4 big slab Crappie caught at El Dorado reservoir.
  Posted - 12/29/06

Sadie Utterback with Trout caught at Kanopolis.
  Posted - 4/28

Shannon Peters, Salina with a nice Turkey taken on Saturday April 15, 2006.
  Posted - 4/19/06

Andrew Urban of Bison, Kansas with a 5 lb Walleye caught at Marion Reservoir on Sunday April 9th 2006.
  Posted - 4/11/06

Brandon and Cody Murrell of Newton with Turkeys taken during the youth hunt on Saturday April 8th 2006.
  Posted - 4/11/06

Blue Cat caught at Milford Lake on March 6, 2005 by Angie Nickel. Our scale only went to 15 lbs so we are not sure how much he weighed. We took pictures and set him free for another lucky lady to catch!

  Posted - 6/21/06

Al Gebhart with a 4 foot long Gar snagged below Council Grove Reservoir. The battle lasted almost 30 minutes.

  Posted - 5/23/06

This is a picture of my son (Seth Bell) and myself
(Chris Bell). The turkeys decoyed in from abut 400 yards.
They were both standing within 12" of each other
when we both shot at the same time and were
lucky enough to bag two long beards.

  Posted - 5/20/06

"Crappie Chatt" Martin of Lawrence with a
6 lb Wiper at Milford.
  Posted - 4/21/06

Father Charlie from Russell with a Walleye
from Wilson reservoir.
  Posted- 4/21 /06

Jeff Ensz from Salina with a 6.5 lb Saugeye
caught at Kanopolis reservoir.
  Posted - 4/21/06

Doug Duncan, Wichita with a 7lb Walleye
from Kanopolis. Photo courtesy Marc Murrell.
  Posted - 4/21/06