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KSAL Staff - May 6, 2016 2:27 pm

  1. Why should I take a conceal and carry class or firearms safety class?

Constitutional Carry allows you to carry without a permit, so WHY do you need a class or license?  Because now, more than ever, it is important to TRAIN, TRAIN, TRAIN!  Training is a HUGE part of firearm Safety! LAWS that pertain to carrying a firearm in Kansas are vital knowledge in the battle to protect your family and yourself, properly.


Our Instructors are all NRA Firearm Instructors or Active Law Enforcement Officers (or both)


We focus on several areas in our classes-

1-      Kansas Conceal Carry Laws

2-      Kansas Criminal Laws

3-      Basic Handgun Familiarization and Safety

4-      Fundamentals of Marksmanship

5-      Conceal and Carry Practical’s


We focus on what YOU need to know for conceal and carry coupled with firearms safety. A few benefits to having a Kansas conceal and carry license is that you can carry concealed across state lines (when state reciprocation is approved.) Also the ability to carry on a school campus and when purchasing a firearm there is no background check.



  1. Should I open carry a firearm?

The short answer is NO, not never, but NO.


Now, before you boycott my store and start a Facebook hate page on me, hear me out. I do support the governing law to allow such a thing, as there are many situations where it can be beneficial to open carry. But generally, in almost all situations, the answer remains no.


Tactical Tip #1- In any situation, firearm related or not, the best advantage you can have over your opponent is the element of surprise. This allows you to have the upper hand and defiantly could be the difference between loosing and winning. Just ask a poker player.


In high risk situations there are an unlimited amount of variables. Many we can control and many more that we can’t. Something that we can control is our display of a firearm. The presentation of a firearm will do only two things; escalate or deescalate a situation. Our hope as law abiding citizens it to never have to use lethal force unless as a last resort to save someone’s life, including our own.  In my opinion 99% of all heightened situations can be resolved by talking or walking.


What open carry does is take the option of using or not using the weapon away from us. The aggressor now knows that we have a firearm and will treat us accordingly; as a threat. We have blown our opportunity to surprise him with a firearm and now might have to use our weapon, whereas we might have had the opportunity to deescalate the situation; and remember, de-escalation is a good thing. You always win the gun fight that didn’t take place; you can take bullets just as quickly as the other guy.


You may be thinking “if this is true, then why do policeman carry open; AND why do you, in your gun store, open carry? Aren’t you being a little hypocritical?” Well that is a good question. The answer is simple; we are already at the tactical disadvantage. People and bad guys already assume that we are armed and will treat us accordingly. Whether or not we are actually armed. Open carry is more reliable form of carry, with the fact that we can more quick draw the gun without obstruction.  But the extra time it takes to draw a concealed weapon, in my opinion, it is well worth the tradeoff for everyday carry.


Maintain your tactical advantage and be safe.


City of Salina