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Santa Stash 2017

On Point First Bank Kansas

KSAL Staff - June 21, 2016 2:15 pm

Dear Banker,

I run an in-home daycare that has the first child dropped off at 6:30 a.m. and the last picked up at 6:45 p.m. If I’m lucky, the parents pay me every week to care for their little…children. My problem is that by the time the last one is picked up, – I don’t have time to get to the bank before it’s closed. Saturdays are my only days I get to sleep in and enjoy some peace and quiet, so I DO NOT want to have to go to the bank then. Are there ANY other options??

Frazzled in Falun


Dear Frazzled, 

First, let me commend you for the work you do! It definitely takes a special person to take care of those little….blessings! I think we have the perfect thing for your situation, a service we offer called eZCapture. You can use your iOS or Android device to login to the First Bank Kansas mobile app. Take a picture of each of those checks and deposit them right from your kitchen, playground or bathroom (the only 3 minutes of alone time you get all day, am I right?)

The whole process is easy enough you could even let the kiddos help if you wanted to let their grubby – I mean chubby little hands touch your device. You can deposit checks 24/7 – and as long as we receive them before 4 p.m. – we’ll post them to your account that night. Make sure to endorse the back first and then once submitted – put them in a (high up), safe place for about 45 days until you’re ready to shred them.

Don’t just sleep in next Saturday – take a nap too!


Dear Banker,

I was getting groceries at the grocery store the other night. Cart FULL of groceries. I swipe my debit card and it’s declined. Before I come unglued with my ice cream melting, cashier looking at me like a criminal, the line growing longer and longer by the second, I call my husband. He informs me that after I left the house he ordered a carpet cleaning product he saw on an infomercial.

He spent our grocery money on carpet shampoo and I’m left at the checkout counter ‘holding the bag.’ I had money in my savings account but, of course, the bank was closed by this time. Have you ever considered staying open 24 hours a day for people with husbands who make bad financial decisions after ‘bankers hours?’

Losing It in Lindsborg


Dear Losing It,   

So much to cover and such a small character limit. Consider setting up an account alert that First Bank Kansas will alert you each time a debit over a certain amount occurs. You can choose between a text or e-mail notification. It won’t happen instantly but within the hour you’ll know about it. If you’re shopping trips are anything like mine – that’s plenty of time.

Next, use your iOS or Android device to login to our mobile app and transfer money instantly from your savings account 24/7 while debating between Rocky Road or Chocolate Cookie Dough ice cream. By the time you get to the checkout counter, your account will be all set to pay for the groceries. Eat your ice cream on the way home to help cool yourself down before asking your husband what he’s been up to since you left the house.

Cheers to many years of matrimonial bliss!

City of Salina