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On Point Becker Autos & Trailers

KSAL Staff - November 18, 2016 2:13 pm

What’s this pesky light?

Hi, this is Lydia Housh with Becker Autos & Trailers of Beloit!  In this blog we will talk a little bit about your check engine light and what it might mean and because it’s so important, and we will give you a few tips again on winterizing your vehicles and campers. If you have any more questions or want to see what we can offer you at Becker Autos & Trailers, please feel free to call/text me at 785-534-1227 or shoot me an email at beckerautos@nckcn.com.

Ahhh, my check engine light came on!

So, you may have seen this funny shaped light appear on in your car, or maybe a service engine soon warning…. Is it okay to drive, what should you do?

The check engine light in a vehicle is something most people will see at least a few times in their lifetime of driving vehicles.  Most of the time, it’s nothing that will leave you stranded but how do you know?

If you are driving your vehicle and the light comes on, here are a few things to take note of or do to make sure you don’t have an immediate concern:

What were you doing when your light came on?

Did your vehicle act or run any differently when or right before the light appeared?

Look at all your gauges and make sure they are in normal limits.

Stop and check all your fluids and take a quick peak under the hood.

Tighten your fuel cap.

If your light is not flashing and everything you checked seems normal, you should be able to continue driving your vehicle until you can get the code read.

What’s my code mean:

If your quick look seems normal, you should take your car somewhere to have the code read.  Often times, parts stores will read your initial code for free to get you an idea of what you are looking at or if there is reason for more immediate attention.  In most cases, if your light stays on solid, your code will come back as a sensor that needs replaced that may not be reading correctly at all times and sends a signal to your vehicle that something is not working in the manner is was made to.

If your quick look seems normal, and your light disappears… you may not be able to have your code read at a parts store while your light is not present.  Often times this is something to just keep a watch out for if it comes back on and notice what the conditions are when it does, or when it disappears.  Often time this can be due to a loose fitting fuel cap, bad gas, a small exhaust leak, intermittent sensor or something quite minor or a headache to even trace. But… usually isn’t a major concern.

If your check engine light is flashing:

This is usually something that you need to have diagnosed and fixed as soon as you can.  It is not usually good to drive your vehicle when this happens as it could cause more long term damage to your vehicle.  It may be a plug or wire, just tune up issue, or something more internal… But this would be a case that you need to take it to your mechanic to find out how to fix the flashing light.


It’s starting to cool off…..Winterizing REMINDER!

It’s important to get your vehicles and campers winter ready

With the cold temperatures in our area there are often issues that arise from the frequent cold

Things to make sure and check on a vehicle:



Windshield washer fluid

Tire tread

Things to make sure and do on a camper

Unplug your camper battery –trickle charger or store in warm area

Empty tanks completely

Blow out water in lines

Should you use antifreeze?

Bottom line is, make sure you are not only safe with winter conditions ahead, but also that you prevent future issues from arising due to winter weather.

Don’t forget here at Becker Autos & Trailers we have over 60 vehicles, 35 campers and 100 trailers on the lot and we’re here to help find the ones for you!  Open House and show special pricing on now! You can check out our website at beckerautos.com!

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Thanks for reading!

Lydia Housh

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