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On Point Becker Autos & Trailers

KSAL Staff - May 20, 2016 11:23 am

Time for an Upgrade … & How to Get the Most Out of Your Trade!

Thinking it’s time to trade in your vehicle but don’t know where to start?

Hi, I’m Lydia Housh with Becker Autos & Trailers of Beloit!  In this blog are helpful hints to look for when purchasing a vehicle and I’ll pass along some insider information on how to get the most out of your vehicle trade in!  If you have any more questions or want to see what we can offer you at Becker Autos & Trailers, please feel free to call/text me at 785-534-1227 or shoot me an email at beckerautos@nckcn.com.


Helpful Tips when buying a Vehicle!

If you aren’t sure what you want, need or where to start…. Ask the Salesman what they suggest for the best vehicle on the lot to fit your needs!  It may sound crazy, but really makes a lot of sense.  The salesman has seen a lot of vehicles come in and should be most familiar with the lot inventory.  Often times can suggest a vehicle that you haven’t thought about from what vehicles have the best luck or reputation.  They also know where certain vehicles came from and suggest one over another based on how well they were cared for.

On a budget or want the best deal? – Ask the salesman what the best deal on the lot is!  Who doesn’t want the best bang for the buck? Decide what you have to have and what you can give up to get the best value!

Things you must do:

DRIVE the vehicle! You may think it’s the vehicle you want and know how to run everything, but it’s important to at least take it down the road a mile to make sure it’s what you think it is!

Check the wear of tires – if they are chopping or wearing funny, or differently there is usually a reason over crappy tires.

Look under the hood –make sure all the fluids are full and you don’t see anything out of the ordinary.

Things to ask of your salesman:

Don’t only look at the Autocheck/Carfax history report but have the salesman explain it.

What warranty and warranty options come with this vehicle?  Do they suggest an extended warranty and why?

Would they suggest you purchase this vehicle? Why or why not! Unless the salesman has a vendetta against a certain brand or has a hidden motive, they will let you know the truth.


Trading? What’s Your Vehicle Worth?

Things that will affect the value of your car that you can somewhat control are mechanical concerns or needs.  Tire and body condition, interior condition and miles.

After you do some research and check out all the above items on your car you should be able to come up with an idea of the condition your vehicle is in compared to most others on the market.  Should be rough, average or fair.   From this I advise go to http://www.nadaguides.com/ to value your vehicle.  There are several other ways and sites to value your vehicle, but this is what we use the most at our dealership to buy and sell from and the one we find the most accurate.  *You could also adjust according to the dollar value of repairs your vehicle needs.

After valuing thru the NADA website there may be other factors that could further adjust the value of your vehicle. Things that will affect the value of the vehicle that you cannot control. Scarcity of the vehicle on the market to demand, vehicle  make and model reputation, motor size,  FWD, 4×4 or rear wheel drive, title status. * When valuing a vehicle, ones that have the most variance from the book value are often times pickups.


Ways to get more for your trade in!

A huge and inexpensive way to get more for your trade is to bring it in clean!  Dealerships can look through the mess but to get top dollar for your trade…. Clean it!  *Cleaning your vehicle makes your vehicle appear better kept!

Make sure the tires have good tread, are quiet and are wearing evenly.  Tires are a huge selling point on a vehicle, and when you trade on in with good tires, it a quicker sell for the dealership and in turn will help you get more for your trade.

Disclose any known mechanical or major concerns, costs you have found to repair, and what you think the fair trade for your vehicle is and why.   Surprisingly this will actually help you!  Why… you earn the dealership’s trust and the salesman will try to get to the number you want as they aren’t as worried about what they are getting into as you have made them more comfortable with your vehicle! *Bring in service and repair records to get the most for your trade.

Make sure the salesman drives your trade!  If your vehicle is in good condition, this will help you achieve a higher trade in value.  You aren’t getting the most for your trade unless they drive your trade.


Why trade instead of sell outright?

Time – In most cases it takes a lot of time to get your vehicle advertised and dealing with selling it yourself.  You also may have the people who want to make payments or don’t have the full amount of money at the time you want for the car. 

Title work– In the state of Kansas the only way to sell a vehicle out right to another individual is the transfer of title. If you still owe money on the car and have a lien on it, you don’t have a title when you sell it.  This can be a real big issue on individual sales.  The buyer can’t even tag your car until they get a title… so really they shouldn’t drive it!

Sales tax – You only pay sales tax on the money difference of your trade and vehicle purchased.  So you have a $5,000 trade… That’s approximately $425 in sales tax.  You would need to get that amount more out of your car on an outright sale over trading it just to make it even out.


Vehicle shopping should be fun!  I love helping people find what they want and need at a price they can afford!  They make so many different vehicle options for a reason.  I hope these tips might help in finding the right vehicle for you.

Any other specific questions or anything else I can help with, feel free to give me a call or text me at 785-534-1227!  Also you can email me at beckerautos@nckcn.com.

Don’t forget here at Becker Autos & Trailers we have over 60 vehicles, 35 campers and 100 trailers on the lot and we’re here to help find the ones for you!  You can check out our website at beckerautos.com!

(Direct Inventory link: http://www.beckerautos.com/newandusedcars.aspx?clearall=1 )


Thanks for reading!

Lydia Housh

“Always makin’ deals on things with wheels”

Becker Autos & Trailers in Beloit