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Man Dies From Overpass Fall

Todd Pittenger - October 25, 2013 12:07 pm

A man hurt in a fall from an overpass in Salina Friday morning later died from his injuries.

Salina Police Lt. Gerald Shaft told KSAL News at the scene that a passing motorist on the Broadway Overpass saw a man standing near the edge, with what appeared to be a rope around his neck. The motorist passed, and as he looked back the man was gone. He turned around, discovered the man on the ground below the overpass, and called for help.

EMS responded to the scene, and transported a man who was found below the overpass to the hospital with serious injuries. Police tell KSAL News that the man later died.

Shaft says they do not know who the man is. He says the rope appears to have been connected to the top of the overpass, and apparently became detached during the fall.

Evidence of what appeared to be at least one homeless person living in the area beneath the overpass was found near the scene.

The incident happened just after 11:00 Friday morning.

Kammy Reeves

October 27, 2013 at 12:28 am

Hopeless: complete despair, without hope. This is no way for another human to ever feel. I had read other comments about this man when the story of him being injured was first released. The comments were horrible! It was like reading about children throwing sand at each other on the playground. The comments seemed as if the people were more concerned with “diagnosing” the man’s mental state than feeling any compassion for him. COMPASSION: sympathy for the suffering of others. It is also something we all need from time to time, but it seems to be well on its way to being obsolete. It’s sad that MY thought to encourage others is considered strange. Even if there is only one good thing that comes to mind when you think of certain people…think on that one good thing. The world has too many “flawmeisters” running around scrutinizing all the wrong things about people. We are on in the same boat of life, let’s not hit each other with the paddles because we don’t handle difficult times the same way. Some folks can bend & bend while others just snap at the first sign of trouble in life. These are the ones that need a compassionate hand extended their way. The tyrannical, judgmental lashing of their mental stability, or the lack of, is not helpful at all. I do not agree with the decision of taking one’s own life no matter the struggle. With that being noted, I will not go into the disdain I feel towards suicide because it is not helpful. This man could be facing every parent’s worst nightmare…burying their own child. Or just burying a child that’s loved is a nightmare. I don’t know the root of this man’s feeling he has no hope left, but I do have compassion for him. I wish he knew that I am in no way, a Bible-thumper, but only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will give any hurting heart the grace to carry on in spite of the pain. Because at the end of the pain is something so beautiful & peaceful that only Jesus can provide. He does not cause the pain, but He does allow it for reasons that our human, FINITE minds can never fathom. We were not created to live a life of happiness filled with rainbows, wealth, health, and other self-esteem boosters. I did not comment this to “rock the boat”, “stir the pot” or any other derogatory intention. I just feel a heavy heart for this man that carried such a heavy burden on his shoulders. God doesn’t waste our pain…it’s us fickle humans that sometimes do! So, if you’re sitting at the computer reading about a suicide or attempted, don’t waste your precious time on this earth finding fault. Get off your butt & your judgmental horse and go encourage someone! Find that one thing good and think on that. Remind people around you about their good. Smile like your flatulent! Don’t retaliate to the cashier’s grumpy attitude, remind them (with a loving attitude) what a blessing it is to have income from employment no matter how miniscule it may seem to them. Get your mind off of yourself for a minute & quit taking people’s attitude as a personal vendetta. Some people may not even realize they are being negative because maybe they are so consumed with their struggle. A simple smile or a simple, “Put it into your schedule to have a great day!” is all they need. But, the backbiting & infantile name calling has got to stop! It only breeds hate. Give compassion & mercy a try…you’d be surprised at what a positive difference it can make!

Denise Lewis Tarver

October 27, 2013 at 1:09 pm

You nailed it, Kammy Reeves!

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