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Life Worth Remembering, No Matter How Short Or Long

KSAL Staff - December 1, 2013 7:27 am


Diana Frobenius:

I have been a Funeral Home owner and assistant funeral director for twenty years in Salina, Kansas.

In all my years I have worked with a lot of babies unfortunately. I have come to understand that no matter the age of the baby, it is loved by parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, neighbors and co-workers of the family.

When my staff e-mailed The Philadelphia Inquirer, to see what an obituary would cost for a baby that had passed we were told “I am very sorry that the little one has died. We do not write obituaries about infants because they have not lived long enough to log achievements.”

I don’t know how things are perceived in Philadelphia but here in Kansas we believe that God created life in that Mother and the instant he did, that baby “LOGGED THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT EVER IMANGINED” by being loved and giving love.

I know that some have paid for long obituaries in which they tell all of the educational goals accomplished, the military goals, and whatever, but the best obituary I’ve ever read was the one who listed all of the people who loved this person. All I can say in closing is from the Bible, Luke 23:34 “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.”

Opinion by: Diana Frobenius / Roselawn Mortuary

City of Salina