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Leadercast 2015

Kinetic Kssell

KSAL Staff - May 15, 2014 9:41 pm

20. Kinetic Kssell

20. Kinetic Kssell

20. Kinetic Kssell

Artist: Rollin Karg

Hometown: Kechi, KS

Year completed: 2013

Description of piece:
Kinectic Kssell was created using carbon steel, stainless steel, blown glass kinetic stainless pods moved by the wind steel with a beautiful contrast of stainless.

Artist bio:
Rollin was born in Columbus, Ohio and raised in Miami. He studied BA at Wichita State and worked for various companies including Cessna. He attended a class at Emporia State in glass blowing that “rocked his world” and the rest was history. Now he has the chance to create the art he has always dreamed of. He has been creating art for over 30 years and “never grows tired of it”.

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