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Kansas State Senate: Randall Hardy

KSAL Staff - July 1, 2016 11:27 am

Office: Kansas State District 24

Candidate: Randall Hardy

Party: Republican

Bio: I was born in Charlotte, NC and I have lived in Salina for 35 years.  I was married to Saralyn Reece Hardy, and we raised three sons in Salina.  I have a BA from Oral Roberts University, and an MBA from the University of Kansas.  I am a longtime active member of First Presbyterian Church.  I was president of Construction Rental, Inc.  While in that position, I served on the national board of directors for the American Rental Assn.  I serve on the Salina City Commission, and I have served on some city board for over thirty years.

Candidate Statement:  Topeka is broken; the current legislature works only to subsidize special interests while not maintaining a functioning government. I believe we must change course and be fiscally responsible. I will take a balanced approach that is fair for everyone—one that provides for the basic services Kansans support. The Brownback tax plan supported by Arpke punished hard working Kansans, and rewarded a select few. Their plan has destroyed the budget, killed jobs, and ruined Kansas’ credit rating.  As Senator, I’ll stand up to the party establishment and protect our highways as economic lifelines. I will stop the reckless budgeting policies and restore the Kansas value of fiscal responsibility.  I will work to see that schools are funded at a constitutional level and that educators are treated as professionals.  I know that good schools are an economic priority.  A well-educated workforce is fundamentally important to innovation, job growth, and economic prosperity.