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Kansas School Districts’ Requests For Aid Outstrips Funds

Associated Press - August 17, 2015 5:34 pm

Thirty-eight Kansas school districts are seeking a total of $14.8 million in additional aid from the state to address local budget issues.

The requests submitted to the state Department of Education by Monday’s deadline outstrip the available funds by nearly 21 percent. Those applying for extra dollars represent more than 13 percent of the state’s 286 districts.

The state has $12.3 million in extra funds available.

Gov. Sam Brownback and legislative leaders plan to meet next Monday to consider the requests.

A majority of districts are asking the state to make up for unexpected drops in property tax revenues. Others have enrollment increases.

The Wichita district is seeking $980,000 to hire teachers, counselors and classroom assistants to deal with an unexpected influx of refugee children from Burma, Congo and Somalia.

Doug Clemens

August 18, 2015 at 8:28 am

I repeat once again until these school districts can reduce employee’s and salaries they should not be given any extra monies. Let’s look at the 2014 salaries for just 40 employees of USD 305 in Salina:
Salina William Hall Superintendent 2014 $173,783.30 1
Salina Kenneth Kennedy Assistant Superintendent 2014 $140,151.24 2
Salina Corbin Witt Executive Director Of School Improvement 2014 $123,771.44 3
Salina Stanley Vaughn Executive Director Of Admin Student Supp 2014 $120,472.39 4
Salina Michael Lowers Executive Director Of Special Education 2014 $117,151.09 5
Salina Linn Exline High School Principal 2014 $111,283.23 6
Salina Nancy Kiltz Executive Director Of Human Resources 2014 $110,240.44 7
Salina Shanna Rector High School Principal 2014 $109,643.71 8
Salina Lisa Peters Executive Director Of Business 2014 $107,370.80 9
Salina Rhonda Bird Assistant Director Of Special Education 2014 $102,343.39
Salina Dwight Christie Director Of Mis 2014 $101,912.40 11
Salina Lesa Larson Director Of Headstart 2014 $98,541.40 12
Salina Beth Morrison Middle School Principal 2014 $94,465.80 13
Salina Carmen Flax Elementary School Principal 2014 $94,079.87 14
Salina Gary White Assistant High School Principal 2014 $93,473.40 15
Salina Reuben Montoy Assistant High School Principal 2014 $93,400.15 16
Salina Tina Daniels Elementary School Principal 2014 $93,361.92 17
Salina Kyle Griffitts Elementary School Principal 2014 $92,331.00 18
Salina Curtis Stevens Assistant High School Principal 2014 $92,302.00 19
Salina Lori Munsell Elementary School Principal 2014 $88,733.00
Salina Sherri Louthan Middle School Principal 2014 $88,054.00 21
Salina Lonny Schropp Elementary School Principal 2014 $87,774.92 22
Salina Deena Hilbig Elementary School Principal 2014 $86,984.00 23
Salina Deborah Strong Assistant Middle School Principal 2014 $86,588.80 24
Salina Pamela Irwin Director Of Staff Development 2014 $84,666.98 25
Salina Darrell Burgoon Elementary School Principal 2014 $84,610.92 26
Salina Geraldine Gaul Coordinator Of Special Education 2014 $82,933.55 27
Salina Eryn Wright General Counsel 2014 $82,860.83 28
Salina Tymony Bonilla Assistant Middle School Principal 2014 $82,219.00 29
Salina David Thompson Coordinator Of Special Education 2014 $82,088.97 30
Salina Jeffrey Hayes Coordinator Of Special Education 2014 $81,182.66 31
Salina Jennifer Bradford-Vernon Director Of Public Information 2014 $80,642.64 32
Salina Deanna Ryberg Elementary School Principal 2014 $80,370.00 33
Salina Charyl Zier Program Coordinator 2014 $80,052.00 34
Salina Robert Hemenway Senior Network Engineer 2014 $79,970.38 35
Salina Danny Munsell Assistant Middle School Principal 2014 $79,600.80 36
Salina Cynthia Foley Director Of Food Service 2014 $79,301.60 37
Salina Krista Farrell-Linenberger Assistant Middle School Principal 2014 $78,769.00 38
Salina Jenna Delay Assistant High School Principal 2014 $78,173.00 39
Salina Virginia Ziegler Program Coordinator 2014 $76,263.00 40

Doug Clemens

August 18, 2015 at 9:07 am

The whole point here is our district is 10th largest in the state and employees more than 900 people. Jobs that should be handled by regular staff is not done and new positions are created. Really do we have to pay someone 80K to be in charge of public information? Is not the goal of a school district to teach students and not to become a major employer where many positions never reach a student? Why has the elected board of education allow all of this to happen? We are paying a superintend who also has an assistant superintend over 300k a year and there are other jobs they should be doing. This is going on all over the state an there needs to be a stop to it. Time to hold school districts feet to the fire and tell them to get back to teaching students and away from being a major employer for other services.

Jerrie DeRose

August 19, 2015 at 4:32 pm

Mr. Clemens you just don’t get it. EVEN IF THOSE SALARIES WERE REDUCED, there still wouldn’t be enough money to properly fund schools. Many schools have CUT some of their executive positions completely or merged others into one position and guess what. THOSE SCHOOL DISTRICTS STILL DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY. Wichita, for instance, has seen a large increase in their enrollment. Other schools like Mt. Hope shut down completely 1-3 years ago and now bus their elementary and middle school students elsewhere, Westar energy rate increases, all 29 of them over the past 7 yrs. (which incidentally were ALL after Kathleen Sibelius left) have cost KS schools a lot more in energy rates, it is hard for Kansas schools to use wind energy to help lower those costs because the Governor and much of the legislature is against alternative energy sources at the behest and huge political donations by the powerful and greedy Koch brothers. THERE IS A LOT MORE TO THE SCHOOL FUNDING ISSUES THAN SALARIES THAT ARE TOO HIGH LIKE THE CONTINUING RISE IN THE COST OF TEXT BOOKS AND OTHER TEACHING TOOLS, ETC. Ya gotta look at the whole picture not just a part of it.

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