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The FYI (For Your Information) Page is a compilation of information that is gathered from government public records. It includes marriage licenses, divorces, civil lawsuits, and driving under the Influence of alcohol or drug convictions.

Saline County Marriage Licenses – 6-24-15

  • Jason Henre and Laura Hains
  • Charles Rowson and Pennie Mason
  • Dustin Brake and Jaci Pottberg
  • Nathan Blumanhourst and Taylor Frank
  • Robert Stevens and Ashley Roth
  • John Boesen and Debbie Grosser
  • Taite Herrington and Kylie Metzger
  • Jeremie Walker and Emily White
  • Kebren Lewis and Jantzen Bruse
  • Charlie Lynn and Robyn Zey
  • Brent Kriegh and Christina Reitz
  • John Vanier II and Kimberly Mooney
  • Sean Craig and Debra Atkins
  • Mickey Padron Jr and Meagan Miller
  • Francisco Coca and Michelle Woods
  • Stephen Tillberg and Courtney Train
  • Mason Gaston and Rhonda Scott
  • Kalan Norton and Brooke Garlow
  • Leon Hall and Laura Reed
  • Mark Bolin and Jan Long

Saline County Divorces – 6-24-15

  • Melissa Gould and Travis Gould
  • Lisa Sickles and Anthony Sickles
  • Meikia Bernich and Barry Bernich II
  • Edna Miles and Steven Mcconnell
  • Rachel Cooper and Bryan Cooper
  • Corrinda Keezer and Michael Keezer
  • Jovita Christensen and Kenneth Colborn
  • Roy Miller Jr and Josephine Miller
  • David Rodden and Monica Rodden
  • Randy Hicks and Tiffanie Hicks
  • Maria Garay and Conrado Garay
  • Melina Howison and Timothy Howison
  • Rosa Mendez and Jose Mendez
  • Jessica Yancey and Adam Yancey
  • Karley Schmidt and Jon Aldrete
  • Christopher Moody and Robyn Moody
  • Peggy Kay and Gary Kay
  • Andria Bradshaw and Joseph Bradshaw

Saline County Civil Judgments 5-27-15

  • None for this week