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The FYI (For Your Information) Page is a compilation of information that is gathered from government public records. It includes marriage licenses, divorces, civil lawsuits, and driving under the Influence of alcohol or drug convictions.

Saline County Marriage Licenses – 9-18-14

  • Carlos Cortes and Cristal Torre
  • Jordan Main Salina and Amy Erwin
  • Somsack Bounsombath and Mollie Weathers
  • Ryan Will and Nicole Garnand
  • Robert Lindgren and Kristin Wallick
  • James Haggard and Irene Hernandez
  • Cody Giroux and Felicia Longino
  • Wesley James and Alicia Winkel
  • Kyle Jacobs and Elizabeth Richards
  • Rylee Ward and Rebecca Gerstberger
  • Brett Morris and Ashley McBride
  • Samuel Silva and Mariah Morales
  • Mark Brin and Darla Hubele
  • Trevis Tonne and Rayna Ebert
  • Kaleb Jacobson and Lindsey Jeffery
  • Gerardo Santiago and Kali Lewis
  • Andrew Arnold and Shannon Shelton
  • Thomas Clegg and DeAnna Garcia
  • Shane Douglas and Karlene Gilbert
  • Mark Boyle and Janelle Tuttle
  • Mathew Leach and Brandi Morton
  • Aaron Mallory and Melissa King
  • Nicholas Shuler and Trista Fischer
  • Arturo Mendiola and Hilda Garay
  • Jordan Webb and Kayla Briggs

Saline County Divorces – 9-18-14

  • None for this week

Saline County Civil Judgments 9-18-14

  • None for this week