Hospice of Salina

The FYI (For Your Information) Page is a compilation of information that is gathered from government public records. It includes marriage licenses, divorces, civil lawsuits, and driving under the Influence of alcohol or drug convictions.

Saline County Marriage Licenses – 8-27-14

  • Joshua Medeiros and Paige Stevenson
  • Jason Sowers and Shanna Consbruck
  • Brennon Koerperich and Amanda Harding
  • Shawn Wilson and Danielle Treloggen
  • Curtis Everett and Patricia Everett
  • Levi Hamilton and Ashley Clutter
  • Craig Piercy and Melissa Piercy
  • Seth Lamborn and Jessica Grant
  • Willie Chapman Jr. and Joy Gonzales
  • Ernest Drown and Brittany Higle
  • John Goddard and Shannon Wilson
  • Greg Harry and Karen Stevens
  • Joshua Schell and Bailey Altman
  • Robert Bradford and Sylvia Sickler
  • Tyler Paulson and Ashley Ruder
  • Kody Lynn and Caitlin Conley
  • Shaun Morse and Amie Tholstrup
  • Lance Johnson and Allie Myers
  • Lucas Hamm and Amber Goetz
  • Shaun Pratt and Emmy Meyer
  • Daniel Picasso and Andrea Moreno

Saline County Divorces – 8-27-14

  • Cindy Burroughs and Bryan Burroughs
  • William Grit and Michelle Grit
  • Michael Wiechman and Pamela Wiechman
  • Michael Voelzke and Virginia Voelzke
  • Ashley Graham-Bruce and Sean Bruce
  • Dwight Knopp and Edie Knopp
  • Trenton Mason and Dawnell Mason

Saline County Civil Judgments 8-27-14

  • None for this week