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The FYI (For Your Information) Page is a compilation of information that is gathered from government public records. It includes marriage licenses, divorces, civil lawsuits, and driving under the Influence of alcohol or drug convictions.

Saline County Marriage Licenses – 5-27-15

  • Hubert Reiter and Melissa Johnson
  • Grady Cloyd and Lacy Kraus
  • Patrick Jensen and Midy Moore
  • Timothy Hurt and Evelin Williams
  • Victor Rivera and Brianda Olvas
  • Matthew Anderson and Brittany Budke
  • Michael Eaks and Meaghan Kohr
  • Jordan Huggans and Courtney Sager
  • Hipolito Castillo Jr and Jessica Lash
  • Nelson Nwahiri and Deanna Worick
  • Frederick Johnson Jr and Aleni Zavesky
  • Clinton Foster and Melinda Thinesch
  • Thomas Greene Jr and Lauren Rico
  • Justin Martin and Lindsey Shepherd
  • Mark Bucholtz and Jennifer Steinle
  • Douglas Wilcox and Sandra Wilcox
  • Scott Hanson and Amber Fiske

Saline County Divorces – 5-27-15

  • Noah Henson and Kristy Henson
  • Erin Jeffreys and Michael Jeffreys
  • Christine Baker and Gary Baker
  • Harlee Genua and Justin Genua
  • Jessica Uhl and Robert Uhl
  • Craig Dassow and Laddawan Dassow
  • Jennifer Diers and Scott Diers
  • Carolyn Jensen and Michael Jensen
  • Jason Masse and Taffy Masse
  • Tom Burns and Tammye Burns
  • Trudy Vaupel and Darren Vaupel
  • Ann Garcia and Alan Garcia
  • Arnold Pilcher and Brenda Pilcher
  • Dawn Smith and Thomas Smith
  • Julianne Kelly and Sean Kelly
  • Sean McNally and Karla McNally
  • Brady Wallace and Kaline Wallace
  • Tait Middleton and Dawn Middleton
  • Misty Nees and Brandon Nees
  • Carrie Cedra and Ryan Cedra
  • Kenneth Holland and Mary Holland
  • Pamela George and Lonnie George

Saline County Civil Judgments 5-27-15

  • None for this week