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The FYI (For Your Information) Page is a compilation of information that is gathered from government public records. It includes marriage licenses, divorces, civil lawsuits, and driving under the Influence of alcohol or drug convictions.

Saline County Marriage Licenses – 1-28-15

  • Benjamin Parks and Tam Nguyen
  • Michael Zrobek and Rebecca Lutz
  • Ace Thompson and Jana Weathersby
  • Richard Rael and Melissa Koelling
  • Charles Oleen and Diane elliott
  • Johnathan Earl and Hannah Michael
  • Jacob Klein and Reilly Bollier
  • Jordan Nixon and Casey Patterson
  • Matthew Hahn and Ashley Moultan
  • Aaron King and Larissa Reed
  • Carl Prince II and Sara Nettleingham
  • Jesse King and Mattie Loder
  • Erwin Brown and Patricia Gunter

Saline County Divorces – 1-28-15

  • Susan Gerberding and Dean Gerberding
  • Rene Doherty and James Doherty
  • Candess Harman and Dallas Harman
  • Joshua Edwards and Linda Edwards
  • Cody Steele and Emily Steele
  • Lynette Karcher and Paul Karcher
  • Kimberly Coad and David Coad
  • Andreya Sooby and Chris Sooby
  • Stina Graham and Travis Graham
  • Dynette White and Brian White
  • William Nelson and Melissa Nelson
  • Willie Henley II and Stephanie Henley
  • John Hendrick and Melissa Hendrick

Saline County Civil Judgments 1-28-15

  • None for this week