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Deer vs EMS

KSAL Staff - June 13, 2017 11:18 am

A Salina ambulance en route to help a woman in Gypsum early Tuesday morning was damaged by a deer.

According to the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, 43-year-old Chad Perez was driving a 2001 Dodge Ram ambulance eastbound on K-4 with lights and sirens on and was struck by a deer about a half mile west of Holmes Road.

Deputies say the deer was killed and the vehicle had a minor dent in the passenger door.

The ambulance continued on to a Gypsum home to assist a 73-year-old woman with neck pain who was having trouble breathing.

The accident happened Tuesday at 2:54am southeast of Salina in the 2400 block of K-4.

Neither Perez or partner Manual Rios, 33 of Brookville was hurt.