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Christmas Eve Answers

Jeff Garretson - December 24, 2015 10:13 am

From left: Pastor Dennis Kootz and Pastor Shawn Deterding from Trinity Lutheran Church in Salina

It was a Christmas Q & A on the KSAL Morning News Thursday as two pastors jumped in studio during the third hour with Rich and Jeff to dig into the Christmas story and the birth of Jesus.

Senior Pastor Shawn Deterding and Associate Pastor Dennis Kootz, both from Trinity Lutheran Church in Salina traveled through the pages of the Bible to recount the path Mary and Joseph took to Bethlehem and the wondrous birth of Jesus, Emmanuel – God with us.

Trinity Lutheran Church, 702 S. 9th will have Christmas Eve services today at 4pm, 7pm and 10:30pm.

Christmas Day service at Trinity Lutheran will begin at 10:30am.


Ivory Greene

December 24, 2015 at 7:18 pm

Now that Halloween and Thanksgiving have passed, it is now TIME for ‘predictable’ American ‘sheep’ to ‘once again’ over excess in their ‘predefined’ behaviors (Deut. 32:28). But perhaps it’s time for people to finally OPEN something else this Christmas instead of OPENING gifts that essentially leave nothing but TRASH behind from the tree, the cards, the wrapping paper, the product packaging, and the USELESS product itself. It’s TIME for people to OPEN THEIR EYES and SEE that the more they continue with these UNECESSARY seasonal traditions, the more cases of HEART DISEASE, CANCER, STROKE, and DIABETES will continue to RISE and it’s ALL THANKS to ADVANCEMENTS in TECHNOLOGY! Before television, our present day diseases were virtually scarce by comparison. Once advertising became visible to everyone in their homes AND (now) in their hands over the years, THE DISEASE STATISTICS STARTED RISING EVERY SINGLE YEAR. We are now at a point in history where we have access to product and LIFESTYLE advertisements (REINFORCED through commercials, news and social media, movies, and television programs) in every way imaginable 24 hrs a day and these ads are STIMULATING our brains with EXTRAORDINARY pixel resolution. The more technology improves, the more stimulated people are into buying every concept being sold, and the majority of those concepts center around purchasing cheap, fast, artificial, product-based, seasonal TOXIC FOOD and endless SITTING! For EVERY American disease association that is out there, the reasons for their INCREASES are ALL the SAME: POOR DIET and LACK OF EXERCISE! And as these diseases continue to RISE, so too will the cost of prescription drugs (Pfizer is quietly waiting in the midst). How are people TODAY going to get enough exercise if they are CONSTANTLY DISTRACTED by their 65” TVs, computer monitors, cell phones, and Christmas decor? (Deut. 32:16-17) Why would people want to buy, grow, and/or eat ORGANICALLY at home when their junk food can be delivered to them through a PHONE AP OR they can RELY on SOMEONE ELSE to prepare their food with UNLIMITED options? Unless people (and families) WAKE UP to the RECKLESSNESS of their OWN TOXIC and LAZY LIFESTYLES and REMEMBER that they are HUMAN, they will NEVER UNDERSTAND the REMARKABLE BEAUTY of OPENING UP GOD’S GIFT to ALL of US (Genesis 1:29) which can be found INSIDE a ‘dull-looking’ kiwi, ginger root, cantaloupe, avocado, red or golden beet, carrot, avocado, garlic bulb, or coconut for example (whose skins leave NO TRASH) and SEE and SMELL all of the MEDICINAL NUTRIENTS and ANTIOXIDANTS that could SAVE THEIR LIVES! ALL human beings are SUPPOSED to EXERCISE their bodies AND eat ONLY what GROWS organically from the earth (NO MEAT or BREAD)….the earth that GOD has made. Everything else that people in this country have been FOOLED (for many years) into believing is EDIBLE and GOOD to eat based on its flavor, sugar, salt, and chemicals….IS FORBIDDEN and there will be a HEAVY price to pay for disobeying God’s commandment(Genesis 2:17) (www.knowthegoodtree.com)


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