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Bookings List

Name: City: Charges: Picture:
Alexander CunninghamSalina, KSDomestic battery: Knowing/reckless bodily harm. Domestic battery: Knowing/reckless bodily harm.
Eric ChurbuckHays, KSFailure to appear. Failure to appear. Interf w/LEO; obstr/resist/oppose felony warrant. Outside warrant/NCIC hit. Poss of opiate, narcotic, or certain stimulant. Taxation; Drugs; No drug tax stamp for marijuana or cont substance. Use/poss drug paraphernalia/human body.
Nida WeaverKansas City, KSDriving While Suspended. Poss of marijuana. Speeding; maximum limits. Use/poss drug paraphernalia/human body.
Bobby VinsonWichita, KSProbation Violation.
Marlyce RoseSalina, KSViolation of protection order; Unknown circumstance.
Lorenzo HesterHutchinson, KSFailure to appear. Failure to appear.
Christopher HawkSalina, KSCriminal Damage to Property; Value Unknown.
Daniel DvorakSalina, KSProbation Violation.
Timothy BinghamSalina, KSProbation Violation.
Abass AdamSalina, KSCriminal trespass; Remain in defiance of order by owner.
Kristina ZeedykSalina, KSDomestic Battery: rude physical contact. Domestic Battery: rude physical contact.
Aaron TatumSalina, KSInterf w/LEO; obstr/resist/oppose misd warrant. Liquor; Purch/poss/consume 18-20 yrs; unkn conv.
Rebekah SectionSalina, KSFailure to appear.
Allen ReinwaldSalina, KSProbation Violation.
Tyler RegierSalina, KSProbation Violation.
Drew PilgrimSalina, KSCriminal restraint. Domestic battery: Knowing/reckless bodily harm.
Alexandria MorenoSalina, KSProbation Violation.
Diabllo McFarlandSalina, KSProbation Violation. Probation Violation.
Kellye ListerSalina, KSLewd and lascivous; Public sexual relations in presence of person =>16.
Arasely DuronSalina, KSViolate offender reg. act; 1st conv; person.
Andrew DonalsonSalina, KSFailure to appear.
Alexandria DavisSalina, KSDriving While Suspended.
Jacob CunninghamSalina, KSDriving While Suspended.
Tom BurnsAbilene, KSProbation Violation.
Johnny Aleman-ReyesSalina, KSDriving under influence of alcohol or drugs Unknown severity.
Abass AdamSalina, KSCriminal trespass; Remain in defiance of order by owner
Audrey AmrineSalina, KSFailure to appear (x2)
Justin BeetchSalina, KSFailure to appear
Summer DuncanSalina, KSFailure to appear
Justin HattonDowns, KSProbation violation