Martinellis Little Italy

Bookings List

Name: City: Charges: Picture:
Kylie BeelerSolomon, KSContempt of Court; Indirect Probation Violation
Debra CollazoSalina, KSX: DUI Any Drug or Combination of Drugs
Robert DisneyDelphos, KSContract housing
Dusty FairbanksSalina, KSFailure to appear
Michael HaffnerTopeka, KSFailure to appear
Christopher HillJunction City, KSPossession of stimulant; 1 prior conviction Use/possess w/intent to use drug paraphernalia into human body
Jerry ParksSalina, KSCrim damage to prop;w/o consent <$1L Criminal threat; Cause terror, evacuation or disruption Domestic battery; Knowing or reckless bodily harm to family member Interference with LEO; Obstruct felony warrant service or execution Probation Violation
Amy PenningtonSalina, KSProbation Violation
Yashira Ramos-GonzalezAbilene, KSDriving While Suspended
Allen ReinwaldSalina, KSMaking False Information No Proof Of Insurance
Terry RobinsonSalina, KSContempt of Court; Direct (x3)
Samuel RomoStockton, KSDUI; 4th/subsequent conviction; incapable of safe driving Failure to Submit to Breath Test Refusal to submit a preliminary breath or saliva test
Shaquille SlaySalina, KSContempt of Court; Indirect (x3)
Jacob ThompsonSalina, KSProbation Violation
Michael TorrenceLindsborg, KSAggravated assault
Jeramie WoodSalina, KSFailure to appear
Michelle BoaseSalina, KSProbation Violation (x2)
Yolanda CatheySalina, KSFailure to appear Probation Violation
Jaylinn DentSalina, KSContempt of Court; Indirect
Abraham GloverSalina, KSViolation of protection order; Unknown circumstance
William HigleSalina, KSFailure to appear
Joseph LewisSalina, KSDriving While Suspended DUI; 4th or subsequent conviction; blood or breath .08 > Failure to Submit to Breath Test Operate a motor vehicle without a valid license Place debris on highway
Cecilly MallonSalina, KSFailure to appear
Ed MilesSalina, KSProbation Violation
David MillerSalina, KSAgg battery;knowingly cause great body harm Criminal threat; Unknown circumstance
Kenneth NelsonSalina, KSProbation Violation (x3)
David OdellLindsborg, KSContempt of Court; Indirect Failure to appear
Jerry ScottSalina, KSDriving while habitual violator Driving While Suspended Improper driving on laned roadway No Proof Of Insurance
Andrew WhitmerSalina, KSOutside warrant/NCIC hit
Amanda Jo WiedgandSalina, KSProbation Violation (x2)